Guizhou Saboman in 2018 Houston Global Barite Forum Conference

2019-08-08 16:12:57

       Guizhou saboman import and export co., Ltd. has been invited to attend the global barite forum in Houston On May 8th, 2018.


        At the forum, Hu Rui, general manager of guizhou saboman, promoted the development of China's barite to global users, including introducing the reality of the barite used for oil drilling, which has been caused by the rise in related chemical indexes, and making a detailed analysis of the future development direction of barite used for oil drilling.


        In addition to the big oil companies in the United States, there were also industry enterprises from other countries around the world, who were confident about future market demand. At the forum, representatives of purchasing enterprises also briefly expounded the market situation in the past five years and the future supply and demand of global market .


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